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IDX Games Ltd, Based in Hong Kong and Macau. create innovative digital products for the gaming industry. We focus on intelligent technology that both impact player behaviours and give operations real-time tools to better manage their operations.

X-Trend our Dynamic Trend-board system, Drives player engagement and game participation and now comes with second screen bonusing, to deliver more results for operators. X-View is our Computer Vision, Chip and Facial tracking camera system for live tables. It gives operators the first “Real-time” data collection and management in their operations. Both products form part of our intelligent table suite X-Table.

We are the leading provider for ETG Stadium games integration, our X-Stadium product is now an industry standard. We integrate to every major ETG vendor to produce large screen interactive shows, that drive gaming participation and excitement. Utilising your LED or other large screens for bigger impact and more marketing opportunities. If you want to boost your ETG participation, and make a statement X-Stadium is for you.

idNerd Studios Ltd. Our sister company is a 3D graphics content provider to both the gaming and non-gaming industry. We create eye catching content interactive and immersive technologies to WOW your market and players.

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IDX Games Ltd. idNerd Studios LTD