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FeedConstruct is a leading sports data and streaming-providing company which delivers innovative and cutting-edge data-feed solutions that cover pre-match, live, and post-match data to over 300 partners. 

The company is dedicated to continuously developing advanced sports products and tools to provide quick and accurate data to its partners. The company’s goal is to bridge the gap between sports and entertainment businesses by offering a range of solutions that cater to both industries. 

FeedConstruct’s Live Scouting Data enables fueling your in-play betting. It offers live scouting data of various sports events transmitted with the shortest delay right from the venue. 

To help you improve player satisfaction and boost your revenue, FeedConstruct offers OddsFeed – a full-fledged data delivery solution which provides high-quality odds for numerous events. 

BetGuard, a combination of OddsFeed and Risk Management service, will help you make the risk management process in trading much more effective and avoid financial losses. 

FeedConstruct allows the operators to combine the odds from multiple sources into a single feed with the help of OddsPro – an enhanced OddsFeed data management solution. 

The company also has a solution for fan engagement. The Live Streaming Friendship platform will boost the in-play betting experience and increase turnover by ensuring that customers stay engaged with the event. 

Stats Widgets will enable the players to get engaged with your platform and feel confident about the provided info, which in its turn will make the players place more bets. With a rich history of innovation and adaptability, FeedConstruct has consistently grown to meet the market’s evolving needs, delivering innovative technology for comprehensive data collection. 

The unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in its remarkable journey.

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